Peace seems to have been constrained, in its place replaced by violent retributions all around us. Peace is never that easy to achieve, triangulate and direct in a meaningful manner. Peace has its virtues, inner satisfaction being one of its major components. The interesting analogy that comes to mind is the prosperity factor of society in general that is linked to peace somehow. As much I debilitate over what truly peace encapsulates the results have been fascinating to say the least.

My experiences have rather been seeped in negativity, affiliated with rising self doubts since my teenage years. Peace has largely deserted me throughout my life, replaced by an abject desire to be disconnected with reality. Inner frustrations only tend to obviate peace and tranquil measures, they kill hope and the move towards the latter is a rather painful exercise. I have largely wanted to inculcate some much needed inner peace that would give rise to happiness. Inner peace, happiness and satisfaction are intertwined with each other, such is the close relationship they harbour with each other. Happiness can be faked with a smile on the exterior, but the innards suffer in absence of inner peace and tranquility. My experiences in achieving inner peace have largely been dodged by a inner sanctum of hate, disgust and lack of objectivity in my practices. When my indulgences with negativity have harboured such strong reactions from me, peace and tranquility have left so much to be desired.

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Wisdom can help us in sifting us through testing times, it can give to the prospect of achieving inner peace. When we embrace uncertainty, flirt with it to the extent that it leaves us delved from a point of no return. Peace has its strengths, giving rise to tranquility and helping wisdom. In times of stress, peace can be the embodiment of virtue and patience. As the stress seeps through our veins, sucking out energy and leaving us in jitters, inner peace can be that key to maintaining stability under duress. It is said that meditation can work wonders for people with a disturbed mindset, helping them ease out their worries and gain much needed inner peace. It is said to make the mind feel relaxed, improving overall perspective and bringing positive changes. Peace is largely a subset of the mind, its practices and actions. Behavioral aspect is in my opinion critically linked to peace and in unlocking its potential. For example, my mind has largely circulated in the realm of negative notions for God knows how long. My irritability, inner frustrations and innocuous behavior at large has largely been brooded by my instinct and gut feeling. I have been devoid to change, largely ignored it to keep myself in the comfort zone.

As much fascination I warrant in my realm of negative potpourris, concocting imaginary tales to comfort myself, the world outside won’t care a damn. To be seen to bring a change needs constructive action, the will and the gut to act before it is too late. Peace will largely remain deliberately secluded in my case until and unless I warrant to bring the necessary modifications in my character.