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My mind behaves in a rather odd manner and oscillates one way or the other on a daily basis. Such is the power of over-thinking, that it can leave you helpless. As I was starting the day, I came across this rather obnoxious idea…Does inspiration drive creativity in any manner of speaking? Such were the oddities associated with this question in the back of my mind, that I decided to address it in a blog post today.


There are moments in everybody’s lives when they are devoid of inspiration, are low due to some unforeseen circumstances they are encircled with. Moments of duress can at times overwhelm anyone in the manner that it takes down their level of performance and impacts their self belief. Whether is it a sportsman going through a rough patch, a painter or an artist failing to deliver what they want through their work, there is something amiss which bites in this respective situation. Hypothetically, these kind of adversities are very much a part of our life and have to be redressed in any manner of speaking. There can be a burgeoning light of sorts to help out drive inane minds by sheer inspiration. There is always this eureka moment in our lives, when everything we persist with keeps on failing irrespective of how much effort we put. At times, inspiration can come from within or from totally unexpected quarters. Inspiration can drive ambition, motivate and energize us to such an extent which is nigh unbelievable. From my own experiences, creativity is directly proportional to inspiration. Inspiration can empower the mind, unleash forces of creativity and give birth to such unbelievable ideas is beyond description. Inspiration can yoke in happiness, solitude and peace of mind mostly, but those with a disturbed disposition can also be deadly creative in their own ways.




Inspiration gives birth to creativity, which in turn helps ideas to be generated. Hence it helps in driving to be passionate about encompassing creativity in whatever is being done and practiced at the end of the day. Creativity can help us delve into the deeper corners of our mind, enlighten and encourage to think in a more expansive way. Inspiration comes in various forms, for some it is spiritual in nature or in form of divine help, others garner their inner strength to inspire themselves. Creativity can reach the bleeding edge thanks to a bout of inspiration which can act as a catalyst to achieve breathtaking measures. Inspirational measures and creativity do not conform to the norms of things, it requires most of the time to think out of the box especially if trying to create something innovative. Innovation could be a temporary occurrence but its implications could have such a wider impact on our lives cannot be ruled out. It could result in complete inner transformation for the better, bring an element of aura and change you have never experienced before. As mentioned earlier, inspiration can force-feed creativity which could help enhance productivity. Inspiration doesn’t suppress any practices but encourages creativity and a path to innovation. Inspiration can be energetic, thrilling and a largely positive thing to experience, depending on the circumstances totally.


Inspiration can never be a souring or repeated experience, it doesn’t impend relaying the passionate desires of success and innovation. It is a force which gives impetus to uniqueness, splurges creativity to the very core. Inspiration doesn’t confine itself within any boundaries, its effects are felt far and wide. Never fear inspiration, embrace and make it a part of your daily lives.






Image Credits: Ethos3, Sciencedaily & Twistedsifter