As it unravels, the reality seems to be a bystander observing the wheels of fortune. Whatever life may hold for us, perseverance is an absolute necessity. There tends to be an association with an affliction of self inflicted apathy. Nightmares can have their own outcomes. It’s fears cannot be fathomed by us. Focusing on the issues at large requires concentration, identifying the root causes e.t.c. The bridging of the divide is difficult, harrowing as it may sound. It thrives matter of insolence, our inner fears and deeds provoke this reaction. We refuse to inculcate peace into our daily lives, so hastened we are to trivial matters.

Morons we are, subject to the whims of our deprecating thoughts. A blanket refusal to embrace tolerance on most matters is our undoing. As the rust piles up on our minds, its effects are withering. The method of comparability is deemed unfit for such characters. Progress demands sacrifice, sustenance in its wake. We are enchanted by things that are materialistic, construed in nature. Reference to the area we live in, clothes we wear and the car we drive are all class driven social stigmas. The society itself is insular,abject in nature. The company that we tag along with, is the assigned moniker that we end up being labeled with. Much akin to being substantiated as self acclaimed guru’s, the lack of knowledge is amiss.

In my experience, nothing is more worse than looking upon the downtrodden. Humans poke their noses in matters where judgement is enshrined only for the Divine Being. Problems arise, when we become the torch bearers of morality, ethics, rightfulness and so forth. Ironically, in these cases self accountability gets thrown out of the window. We defy all the peace measures that can usher in an era of prosperity and happiness for the populace. Such a self centered approach is equivalent to inviting destruction of the very fabric of society. Notable absentees are our own moral conscience, reprehensibility on part of the actions constituted. Disgusting as they may be, there is not even a shred of outrage on part of it. The pittance of our own actions isn’t held liable for judgement in a rather unfortunate sense.

Whatever I have written above, is in a way to acclimatize myself with writing once again.It is ironic, I have had my work published in Dawn for the best part of over a year now, yet I doubt my ability to write well. I have absolutely no clue as to why I persist in meandering these persistently negative thoughts. This all goes back to harbouring a negative frame of mind, and lacking self belief. Writing is as much an exercise, a fruition of what we think and deliberate over the course we charter for ourselves. As a writer, I do not think highly of myself to be honest and never will. People have always come to the fore that I have immense potential which unfortunately I have failed to exploit. Things will only materialize if I inculcate a sense of self belief and remove all those doubts. I plan to resume writing on my website on a regular basis, maybe this will help me in breaking the ice! Till next time.





Image: Bookrockbetty