Never subjugate your thoughts and talent. The brain has a limitless cycle of innovation, which should never be suppressed or otherwise you will be made dormant of one thing that differentiates us from animals. The talent and abilities gifted to us by God vary from person to person. Not everybody is a born genius for example? Channelizing our thoughts and harnessing our talents are solely dependent in the way it is applied. ‘Mere’ realization is not enough to progress in life. When we are aware of the fact that we have been endowed with such a wealth of talent, why do such individuals refuse to utilize it? Why do gifted individuals like these end up harming their prospects and being useless? Why are they happy in being portrayed as those who had the promise? What is the reason for their culpable failure in achieving of what they were capable off? Why is ‘self-pity’ their desired goal? What makes them embrace gloominess where light & hope exist? What is the reason for them finding solace in being alone? What is the reason for this strange behavior? Is it something that comes naturally to these kind of people or are they mired in a conflict of their very own existence?

Some people cherish being loners and damaging their credentials. Self-implosion is their goal and don’t want to prove anything to anybody. Some individuals desire a lot of things in their lives, but deliberately stop themselves from achieving happiness. It’s a cliché for them, they fear their happiness will be short-lived and turn abject. These kind of individuals fail to find people who understand their mindset and thought framework. They are confused, talented yet mercurial, unpredictable but capable of being geniuses in their own strand. Their minds are always on a thinking spree, probably over stretching the limits. Their brains are predominantly active all the time, open to taking stress easily and emotionally very frail. They can be recluse from society, intermingling is not their strong point. Characters like these tend to open up with people of a similar intellectual mindset and who have a similar wavelength. They house knowledge, but refuse to emanate and share it in the fear of being judged wrongly. They have apprehensions, afflicted with self-doubt and self-denial of their talents. They are angry from within, obsessed with doing things in a perfect manner. The anger turns into an insidious form of hatred for everyone, are rigidity and irritant in every given manner. These individuals lack patience, are open to bouts of having altercations and are devoid of any self-control mechanism. At heart, they may be good and even merciful. They are hampered by a negative thought framework, they harbor doubts and have severe trust issues.  Individuals like these will always tend to keep a low profile, have self-belief issues and are downright lazy. One quality that these kind of people possess is; they will go out of the way for those who are genuine to them in every given way.


Individuals like these are very oblivious, house uncertain beliefs. But within them, the illumination of hope to contribute must still exist. They are victims of their own uncertainties, refuse to garner the strength to cultivate their talents. They will deliberately undermine themselves, pretend as if they do not know anything. Problem with them is, they are never satisfied. They will go on a quest to earn knowledge and do anything within their power crossing limitations to garner it. It is important for them to realize that they have to rekindle the hope of contributing to the well-being of society, inter-mingle and come back to the fold. Their value is of immense significance to society and engaging, encouraging them is the process that needs initiation. They have to be coerced into making a comeback, backing them up is of critical importance even if they are prone to committing mistakes. Rejuvenating their spirits, taking one small step at a time to make them believe in themselves is where the miracle can happen. Of course, all the effort has to come from within the person, irrespective of how much bolstering and encouragement they are provided with. Point is, hope with these kind of individuals should and never be lost at any cost. We have to keep on egging on these kind of talented individuals, motivate and cultivate their self-belief. You have to provoke their inner conscience, bring out their real talent and interests out in the open and lighten them up. In most cases like these, they become a victim of their own self-created conflicts if not understood and take care of properly. It is our duty to society to earmark, find such brilliant individuals and bring them out of their shells. In doing this, we can probably help in broadening their horizons, enlightening their lives with hope and a new purpose in life. The journey is always endless and the pursuit for people like these should never cease.