Tolerance resides within us, we do not tend to give it the significance it is worthy of in our daily lives. Seldom do we realize; that tolerance is virtue and we blindly refuse to follow and infuse it within ourselves. In this day and age, where our tolerance levels have alarmingly reached to almost non-existent levels; even preaching tolerance is denounced. I ask why? What are the reasons for not practicing tolerance? Does tolerance cost us money; is it detrimental to our health? Is being tolerant a cause of embarrassment? Intolerance is what hinders our society as a whole; and stops us from progressing further as a nation.

          I have always wondered and felt despondent over the fact that why tolerance is being sidelined by all of us and in its place we practice aggression and a policy of complete ignorance on this matter. Is tolerance that difficult to practice that we are not realizing the long term damage that we are doing on ourselves as a society. Peace and harmony are giving way to aggression and violence and repression of individuals; hatred is rising and societal upheaval is increasing. An act of tolerance employed at a critical stage can be the difference between peace and violence. I personally feel that preaching and practicing tolerance in our society is equitable to being classified as a hypocrite and a person who does not have the guts to stand up for what he/ she feels is right. As it can be seen from the traffic on the roads here in Lahore; nobody is willing to tolerate and withstand the wait on traffic lights and motorcyclists especially right, left and center are waving around trying to move as quickly as possible and make their way to their desired destination. People on cars are honking like anything to make the traffic move in peak hours and are not tolerant of the fact that million others like them in the city are as keen to reach their homes too. Waiting is something that our society as a whole refuses to practice and that is a result of a lack of patience and tolerance for others that gives rise to this problem.

           Now coming to tolerance on Social Media and the consequences and backlash that we can face. Normally I tend to keep a minimalistic and a very neutral view point on social media and in most cases tend to mind my own business and practice a decent amount of tolerance. Surprisingly my tolerant stance on politics and my refusal to speak up has been a cause of immense displeasure for other people who I follow and they follow me. In a personal context, I feel certain subjects are taboo and so sensitive to speak up about that a single statement of mine which may be right in a certain context but can cause a flurry of adverse comments and counter-arguments that why did you say that etc. I personally do not care what people think of me and why should I be satisfying them in the first place. If I prefer discretion and keeping tolerant views on certain subjects it is MY CHOICE, as simple as that. I do not expect others to follow my views and embrace them wholeheartedly.

             Everyone has a right to disagree with me endorsing tolerance on a large scale, but yes everything has its limitations and same is the case with tolerance. If the limitations of tolerance are breached by somebody; you are within your right to say I have had enough of your crap and speak up and tell the person to please keep their trap shut before they face undue consequences. Breaching of limitations applies in every sphere of life and tolerance is no different. Striking a balance in regards to tolerance may be quite difficult but as humans we can always strive to practice it as much as we can. Heeding to the call of tolerance will not cost us anything and probably in the longer run can help us maintain our peace of mind!