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The last few months had been benign so to speak, since the start of the year a lack of motivation had set in. The writers block had embedded itself so discretely that I was flabbergasting at myself. Till mid July this year, I had been unable to focus and write anything substantial so to speak off. Then suddenly, from nowhere came a person who is not only awe inspiring but has been able to help me transform completely and re-engineer myself as a writer. Sometimes, the motivation comes from the most unexpected of quarters, helping you reinvigorate yourself in a most unconventional manner. For me, the chance encounter two months ago with the concerned person has turned things around for me, totally.


I was completely muddled up in a state of utter confusion, mired in a lack of self belief that I could not move forth as a writer. The passion, the endurance and zeal was lacking. It transpired into a pittance of sorts, totally disconnected from reality and suddenly sharing a few thoughts here and there helped me figure out myself again. The fascinating aspect of this experience and interaction, was the directness and bluntness I came across. It just bamboozled me for a few days, it was like I was in a trance of sorts and seemed like a reality check was beckoning. The mere exchange of my negative thoughts that had blocked my arteries of thinking, stifled my creativity had suddenly burst open. It was a miracle of sorts, What was supposed to be a routine exchange of ideas and information, turned out to be a counter narrative force that ended up acting as a motivational and inspirational force. For me, it was exciting as well as foreboding at the very same time. I wondered, here was this individual unknown to me and a complete non entity had suddenly overwhelmed me with so much to ponder about, that I was listless in a way. I did not how to approach this rather strange phenomena that had occurred in my life, I was speechless and at a loss for words. You see there are times when your heart yearns for that kind of connection where it just clicks with someone, which is beyond any description. The chemistry and way of thinking seems alike, perspectives align in such a way, that it makes you wonder whether you were co-joined twins! I was like blown away by the supernatural experience in a manner of speaking, what destiny had been unveiled in my path was particularly striking but a complete unknown as most things are.


As the interaction and exchanges, unfolded over a period of two months, never had I ever experienced such a compelling force of change within me. There was a desire to move forward and lurch towards the barriers that I should have broken years ago. The darkness that I had shoved myself into for over a decade, was clamoring for changes of expectations and imaginations. Suddenly, everything seemed topsy-turvy, more like a wheel of fortune rotating at such a great speed that I was failing to catch on with it. I wanted to grab that wheel of fortune and rotate with it to my destination unknown. The time spent sharing my experiences, thoughts with the concerned individual has made me realize, life is beautiful too. Beyond my shadows of self pity, remorselessness lies a realm of hope, full of desires, expectations and imaginations. The mere realization of those forbidden fruits of hope, enchanted and drove me towards it. As much I trod towards the concerned individual, my leaning and distances get ever shorter, but the last mile will always be the most challenging. Challenges are meant to be accepted and taken on face value. The stream and the tide of time is against me, that person sitting atop such a peak that it is scalable but the path petrifying and full of obstacles. I endeavor, desire to reach and conquer that peak atop which that individual sits who has transformed me from within.


I have found a reason to be alive and kicking again. Such is the profound resolution to astound all those who have created hindrances in my path to glory and shut them up for good. Astounding is the impact of that individual, such is the power they yield over me. Thanks to the benevolence of God, I have met this inspirational and motivational force at such a critical time, understood my mindset, rendered me stability that was lacking for so many years. I am in debt of this individual, who has come as an unforeseen force of love, affection and downright inspiration. I am listless in their presence, feel empowered and have profound hopes of contentment in the not so distant future. The concerned person holds a special place in my heart, identifying them is not a feasible option. Their depth of inner beauty, the heart of gold and the awe inspiration I have been provided in these two months speaks volume of their ingenuity. Very seldom, do we in this materialistic world come across individuals who exhibit such rare qualities of virtue, patience and sustenance. Motivational forces can work miracles, and in my testing case it has been till now a rewarding experience. I extend my gratitude and thanks to this amazing, awe inspiring individual who has give me a reason to love life and their presence has been nothing short of a miracle in every sense of the word.





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